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Mid-Georgia Cattlemen

November-December Bull Sheet

Many of you haven’t received your Bull Sheet this month.  They were mailed on October 27th. According to Post Office, they were pushed aside due to election material and ballots. We are not sure where they are located.  This happened to  other bulk mail, too. We hope they are found and delivered soon.  So, here is a copy for you to read.  Sorry for the delay, but out of our hands.




The MGCA November Meeting highlighted several members for their outstanding accomplishments and service to the organization. Congratulations to everyone that was honored that evening! 

Award Recipients for the 2020 Year


MGCA Hall of Fame – Edwin Foshee, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Danny Foshee (Edwin’s brother) excepted the plaque in memory of Edwin. 



MGCA Producer of the Year


This year’s award was presented to Mountain Branch Cattle LLC owned by Bryan and Melinda Rooks.




Dr. O E Sell Service Award


This year’s service award was presented to Tracy Boyt for his dedication and  service to the association.




MGCA 2021 Queen Announced


Our 2020 MGCA Queen, Trudy Peek crowned Willow Waldrep as our 2021 MGCA Queen. She was assisted by Katie Lane Estes.




A special “thank you” goes to Ag South Farm Credit of Thomaston for sponsoring our event. Our fundraiser was a success due to every one that donated “Moolah” and prizes. We raised $1985.00 that evening! 










2020 MGCA Hay Contest Winners

Warm Season Perennial Grass Hay
                1. LC Bittick
                2. Brent Land & Cattle
                3. Vern Sanders
Cool Season Perennial Grass Hay
                1. B & B Farm Services
                2. Temuir Farms
                3. Ed English
Mixed Annual Grass or Other Hay
                1. Whispering Rock Farm
                2. Bohannon Farm
                3. Wes Smith
Grass Baleage
                1. Walters Farm
                2. SSS Farms
                3. Caldwell Farm and Land LLC
Legume Baleage
               1. Walters Farm
               2. Vern Sanders


You don’t want to miss this event!

MGCA Cow Patty Bingo

and Ribeye Steak Sandwiches

Winner can take home up to $1000 if the “cow patty” lands on your square!

Saturday, December  5, 2020 at 5:00 PM

Barnesville Rodeo Arena on 129 Roberta Drive (Next to Sheriff’s Dept.)

Cost: $10.00 per square (You do not have to be present to win.)

  • Ticket is non-replaceable and non-refundable.
  • Squares will be assigned through and automated system.
  • You may purchase multiple tickets.
  • Please bring your ticket on the day of the event.

A virtual grid will be set over the rodeo arena with 300 squares. Utilizing livestream videos, participants will be able to watch the entire event from the arena or their mobile device/computer. Drone Technology will be utilized to lay grid, track patty placement, with the possibility of using thermal imaging.

The square with the majority of “Cow Patty” will be declared the winning square and receive $1000.00.  Any square not purchased will be property of MGCA. If the heifer “patties” in one of those squares, the prize money will be cut in half and then another heifer will be released into the arena.  The next (non-MGCA) square to be “pattied” in will receive the take-home winnings of $500.00.

What will be on the grill?

We will be selling Ribeye Steak Sandwich meals on site the night of the event. Meal (sandwich, chips, and drink) will cost $10.00. Individuals are encouraged to stay and watch the “drop” or they can take their meal to-go.

Tickets will be available at: November MGCA Meeting, Country Oaks Stores, Smith’s Feed and Seed, Pike Depot and the MGCA Board members will have tickets. You can purchase tickets that evening at the event.

All proceeds go to the Mid-Georgia Cattlemen’s Association.           


Next Meeting will be planned for January 14, 2021. 

Membership meeting RSVP click here 

  If you have trouble, contact your Extension Agent and ask for assistance.

Thanks for helping us make sure there is an accurate head count.



MGCA sold Ribeye Sandwiches at the Upson County Livestock Sale on September 18th. There was a good turn out and it was a successful fundraiser. 

Thanks to Upson County Livestock for allowing MGCA to provide the meal. Thank you to all that purchased and helped (Bo, Hailey, Glen, Cynthia, Charlsy and Will).

The board is planning other fundraisers. When the details are ready, the events will be posted on this site.


It’s Fair Time in Griffin

Come to the Spalding County Kiwanis Fair starting September 25th and check out the Mid-Georgia Cattlemen and CattleWomen’s Beef Booth. Thanks ladies for coordinating this booth!


Congratulations to
Mid-Georgia for being recognized as the GCA Largest Multi-Chapter.
Charlsy Godowns and Will Godowns

September Zoom Meeting Recap:

The September MGCA Membership meeting was held through a Zoom Meeting. Thanks to Caitlin Jackson for organizing this meeting and Monroe County for being the host county. Jason Duggin, UGA Extension Specialist, presented a very informative program on Foot Care and Management. If you missed this program, Caitlin is planning to have Jason come present it again next year.  This is a program all cattle producers need to see. _________________________________________________________________________

Did you miss the “Beef Quality Grading” zoom meeting?

If you missed this program, contact Hailey Robinson and she can assist you in seeing this presentation. 


Contact the UGA Upson County Extension Office for details and to RSVP for this program:  (706)647-8989         

_____________________________________________________________________________UGA EXTENSION UPDATE
As meetings are limited, our UGA Extension is still available to assist you. They have created many ways to educate and assist you. Check with your local County Extension Agent for more info and sign up for their newsletters.


Lamar/Upson Extension Agent, Hailey Robinson,  invites you to check out theses agriculture videos and newsletter for more educational information.

Pastures and Forages Educational Resources

Agricultural Videos



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